Angel and Mariel are known by many as the birding duo who always say Nature is Awesome. They love to wander around the outdoors looking for the next bird that wishes to cross the path of their Nikon binoculars and spend ample time observing and recording bird behavior in hopes of sharing amazing moments with fellow nature and birding junkies. In 2013, Angel and Mariel joined the Nikon Birding Prostaff team. With help from Nikon Sport Optics, they hope to spread the word that Birding is Awesome!

Angel and Mariel are known in the Florida birding community for their work on radar ornithology. During spring and fall, they share radar images of birds migrating and predict birding conditions across the state at As a result they have become amateur meteorologists, spending countless amounts of time looking at weather patterns and wind charts in search of answers to questions about where birds are headed and where the next "fallout" may occur.

They both fiddle in the world of nature photography with an emphasis on birds and their habitats and surrounding nature. On their quest to cover the entire state of Florida, they can be found at any one of the state's campsites mulling over the campfire about where they should explore on their next adventure.